Commitment to Sustainability 

INTI International University's commitment to ESG principles is further exemplified through its diverse faculties, each playing a vital role in advancing sustainability across various disciplines. The Faculty of Business and Communication equips students with a wide array of business programs, promoting ethical business practices and effective communication to advocate for sustainability. Meanwhile, the Faculty of Data Science and Computer Science drives innovation in technology, contributing to sustainable digital solutions and data-driven decision-making. 

In the Faculty of Engineering and Quantity Surveyor, graduates are trained to design and implement eco-friendly infrastructure, integrating sustainable materials and practices. The Faculty of Health and Life Sciences contributes to public health initiatives and community well-being, emphasizing ethical healthcare practices. 

Moreover, the Faculty of Education and Liberal Art fosters future educators with a focus on sustainability, instilling environmental consciousness and social awareness in the next generation of students. These faculties collectively enrich INTI's dedication to ESG and sustainable development, as they integrate ESG principles into their programs, research, and outreach activities. 

By nurturing responsible, innovative, and socially conscious graduates, INTI International University's faculties contribute significantly to shaping a sustainable future for Malaysia and the global community. As a leader in higher education, INTI's commitment to ESG not only inspires its campus community but also amplifies its positive impact through collaborations and partnerships with industry, government, and non-governmental organizations. Together, INTI and its faculties pave the way for a brighter, more sustainable future for Malaysia and beyond, empowering their graduates to lead with compassion and creativity in addressing global challenges.