Health and Well-being 

At INTI International University, we understand that the health and well-being of our students and employees is critical to fostering a vibrant learning and working environment. We are committed as a community to fostering holistic well-being and ensuring that everyone has the assistance and tools they need to live healthy and fulfilled lives. 

We recognise that physical health is the cornerstone for total well-being. We provide cutting-edge exercise facilities, sports programmes, and recreational activities to encourage an active lifestyle. There are several chances on campus to keep physically active and maintain a healthy lifestyle, whether it's going to the gym, engaging in sports teams, or enjoying outdoor activities. 


Outdoor Gym

Physiotherapy Centre

TCM Clinic

Mental Health: 

At INTI IU, mental health is a primary emphasis. We have a dedicated counselling centre that offers private help and direction to students and staff who are experiencing emotional or psychological difficulties. In addition, our HR team host courses focusing on stress management, mindfulness, and coping skills to improve mental resilience.

Health Services: 

We have a well-equipped Physiotherapy and Traditional Chinese Medicine health centres on campus to safeguard the health and safety of our community. Trained health professionals are on hand to provide basic healthcare services. Furthermore, we have a team of trained and certified First-Aiders on campus in every faculty and center, to provide basic first aid if required. 

Work-Life Balance for Employees: 

We recognise the importance of work-life balance for our employees' well-being. Employees are encouraged to use paid time off and wellness programmes to refresh and maintain a good work-life balance.

Social Support and Community Engagement: 

Fostering well-being requires a strong feeling of community and social support. We host a variety of social events, clubs, and societies where students and faculty can meet, create meaningful relationships, and form a support network. This include organizing Community Service projects to foster the sense of responsibility in our students for those in need, and Corporate Social Responsibility events as INTI IU’s way of giving back to the community.

Environmental Well-Being: 

A green and sustainable campus environment benefits our community's well-being. We prioritise eco-friendly projects, encourage recycling, and keep green spaces open for students and employees to enjoy. 

Proper nutrition and healthy eating:

Proper nutrition and healthy eating are essential for cognitive performance and overall wellness. Our campus provides a range of eating options, including healthy and balanced meals. Our meal options in our campus cafeteria caters to diverse ethnic food choices in line with our commitment to ethnic diversity and inclusion. 

At INTI International University, we believe that a successful community is one that is healthy and joyful. We foster personal growth, academic success, and a lifetime dedication to leading healthy, balanced lives by fostering the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of our students and employees. Furthermore, being an ISO 45001:2018 certified institution, we have embedded the safety and health concerns of our staff and students in our work culture to provide a more holistic environment for all. 

We embrace the path of well-being together, ensuring that INTI IU continues to be a place where individuals can thrive and fulfil their full potential.