Student Clubs and Societies

The Green Knights: Leading the Charge for a Sustainable Campus

In the year 2023, a group of passionate individuals at INTI International University came together to form a club that would spearhead environmental initiatives on campus – The Green Knights. Committed to fostering a green campus and cultivating a sense of environmental responsibility among students and staff, The Green Knights embarked on their journey with a groundbreaking project: the establishment of a recycling center on campus.


The club didn't stop at infrastructure development; they took proactive steps to promote recycling habits. Through engaging workshops, The Green Knights educated and inspired both students and staff to embrace recycling practices. Notably, they actively participated and contributed as helpers in the ASIAN Social Business Conference, showcasing their commitment beyond the campus borders.


As The Green Knights stride into the current year, they have set their sights on even greater accomplishments. Their upcoming initiatives include a robust campaign to enforce recycling habits among the campus community, emphasizing the reduction of Styrofoam container usage in the cafeteria. The Green Knights aim to create a lasting impact, making INTI International University a model for sustainable practices in higher education.

Students Action (STACT) Club: Making a Difference Beyond the Campus

In the bustling landscape of clubs at INTI International University, one stands out as a beacon of social responsibility – the Students Action (STACT) Club. Founded and led by students, this club has earned a reputation as one of the most active organizations on campus.


STACT focuses its efforts on social outreach activities, particularly in the realm of children's welfare. The club has been instrumental in raising funds and organizing enriching camps for underprivileged children in the local community. Their dedication to making a positive impact has resonated not only within the university but also beyond its boundaries.


The club's commitment to social responsibility is evident in their consistent efforts to address pressing social issues. By engaging with the community, STACT seeks to bridge gaps and create opportunities for the less fortunate. The impact of their initiatives is not only seen in the smiles of the children they assist but also in the hearts of the club members who find fulfillment in contributing to a better society.