The ESG Centre at INTI International University plays a pivotal role in advancing sustainable development within the institution. The ESG Centre is headed by the Pro-Vice Chancellor (PVC) of Social Impact, and the taskforce consists of members with equal gender representation, ensuring a balanced perspective in decision-making and initiatives. Additionally, the team is supported by other Pro-Vice Chancellors (PVCs) , demonstrating top management's commitment to sustainability.  The inclusion of key stakeholders such as the CEO of INTI Corp. Group, the HR Director, and other department heads further highlights the importance and support for sustainable development at all levels of the organization. The taskforce benefits from the expertise and knowledge brought by members from various departments, including student services, institution development and support, legal counsel, internal audit, IT services, and corporate communication.

The Commitments of the ESG Taskforce

Strategic Implementation: 

The taskforce is responsible for formulating and implementing strategies, policies, and initiatives that promote sustainable development across all aspects of the institution. They ensure sustainability principles are integrated into academic programs, campus operations, and community engagement.  

Collaboration and Engagement: 

The taskforce facilitates collaboration among different departments and stakeholders to drive sustainable practices. By fostering partnerships with industry, government, and community organizations, the taskforce promotes knowledge exchange, joint projects, and impactful initiatives that address societal and environmental challenges.  

Compliance and Reporting: 

The taskforce ensures compliance with relevant ESG regulations, frameworks, and reporting standards. They oversee the collection and analysis of data, enabling the university to monitor and report on its progress in meeting sustainability targets and commitments.  

Reputation and Stakeholder Trust: 

By actively promoting sustainable practices, the taskforce enhances the university's reputation as a responsible and forward-thinking institution. This, in turn, attracts environmentally and socially conscious students, faculty, and partners, contributing to long-term success and stakeholder trust.  

Educational Excellence: 

The taskforce drives the integration of sustainability concepts and practices into the curriculum, promoting sustainability literacy among students and fostering a culture of responsible citizenship.  

In conclusion, the ESG Taskforce at INTI International University plays a crucial role in advancing sustainable development, driving collaboration, ensuring compliance, and enhancing the university's reputation. With their collective expertise and commitment, the taskforce is well-positioned to guide the institution towards a more sustainable future.