INTIMA - Student Government Body


INTIMA is the official Student Government of INTI International University. INTIMA stands for ‘innermost essence’ in Latin, which implies unity and a spirit of togetherness, sharing our lives with each other. The objectives of INTIMA are as follows: 


      I.         To promote and protect the welfare, rights and privileges of INTI IU students.

     II.         To provide a platform for students to be heard.

   III.         To provide communication links between the Management of INTI IU and the students.

   IV.         To encourage the interaction of students from all programmes, and to promote student interest and activities.

    V.         To coordinate the activities of all the Affiliates and ensure that there is no conflict of interest among the Affiliates. 

   VI.         To enrich the students’ academic life in reaching a holistic education

VII. To encourage students to be more environmental consciousness and social awareness 

INTIMA Executive Committee (EXCO) Details

Every student of INTI contributes RM10 each semester (inclusive in the Resource Fees) to the INTIMA Fund. Most of the money is distributed to clubs to organize events/activities in order to make college life more interesting and more “happening” for YOU!  INTIMA strongly believes in students’ participation in various activities enable them to develop communication skills, personalities and traits, and graduates with competency for the employment market.  One will experience a sense of trINTImph and have a higher self-esteem especially in the final year of your course. This is because of the experience in organising or participating actively in the student activities.

INTIMA consists of three main groups: Executive Committee (EXCO), Council Members and Affiliates described hereafter.

INTIMA Executive Committee is formed from members of the student representatives to assume leadership positions in the INTIMA Council.  The INTIMA EXCO is elected through the INTIMA election process.  Firstly, students who are interested in being a part of INTIMA submit their application form and résumé to the Independent Election Committee (IEC) which will carry out an interview to shortlist candidates. Secondly, an external election will be held to elect the candidates for the top four positions, namely a) President b) Vice President of Administration and Services c) Vice President of Activities d) Vice President of Academic Affairs. The remaining candidates who have undergone the selection process will then be nominated for other positions through an internal election.

The role of INTIMA EXCO is to oversee all student activities and to look after the welfare of the students. There is also a Student Forum session, organized by the Service Cell (sub-committee of INTIMA), which will be held each semester. The Student Forum is a platform for students to voice out their opinions and suggestions to the INTI Management on issues pertaining to students about their welfare, needs and suggestions on improving their college livelihood and experience. Besides that, Service Cell also carries out surveys to collect data to support any proposals by INTIMA to the Top Management.

INTIMA Council Members

The INTIMA Council Members consist of Chairpersons of all INTIMA Affiliates. The role of the council members is to organize events and activities catering to the students’ interest. In addition, council members are entitled to vote on decisions concerning INTIMA, such as amendments to INTIMA Constitution and distribution of INTIMA fund.

INTIMA Affiliates

INTIMA Affiliates are students’ Clubs, Boards and Societies registered under INTIMA).  All the clubs / societies and boards can be categorized into seven categories, i.e. academic, cultural/religion, indoors, martial arts, outdoors, socials and sports. Affiliates are financially subsidized and assisted in their projects. Students are highly encouraged to join any of the following clubs/boards/societies that of interest to them.  Students can also establish a new affiliate.

INTIMA Subsidiaries

INTIMA Subsidiaries comprised of service cell and academic council lead by Vice President of Administration & Services and Vice President of Academic Affairs respectively. All the members of service cell are in charge of assisting INTIMA Excos to carry out INTIMA events especially student forum each semester. Academic Council formed by elected program representatives that agreed or recommended by head of programme from each faculties to enrich the students’ academic life in reaching a holistic education.

Students Clubs and Societies

INTI International Students welcomes the contribution made to student life by clubs and societies. With more than 50 officially recognized clubs and societies listed INTIMA, there is something for everybody. However, if you think there is a gap to be filled, you can set up your own student society.

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